Top Header Section

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Settings >> Top Header Section – Section

This section is shown before branding area(Top of the website). This  section helps us to manage social icon and date time.  Here are some settings available with description.

  • Current Date Options – Enable this field to show date field on top of the header.
  • Current Date Format Style Options – This field have multiple choices to show date with different structures.
  • Social Icon Option – Enable to show social icons on top of  the header. If you want to add or remove social icon than go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional Settings >> Social Media Icons. Click to go to section Social Media Icons

Homepage Settings

Appearance >> Customize >> Template Options  >> Homepage Settings – Section

If you want to set it up like our demo first you have to setup static home page.

Your can follow following step to setup static home page.

  1. Please go to Dashboard >> Pages >> add new page. While creating page please select page template as “Newspaper Home Page” and save it.
  2. Then, please go to Appearance >> Customize >> Template Options >> Homepage Settings and check ( if unchecked ) A static page then from Homepage dropdown section please select your last created page  ( the one which has “Newspaper Home Page” as page template) and save it.
  3. Then, everything you need to do is save and check all widgets from Appearance >>Widgets and drag and drop those widgets into sidebars.

Structure of magazine Layout.

Top Header
Logo Part Header Ads (Widget Area)
Homepage Slider Area (Widget Area)
Full Width Above Main Content (Widget Area)
Home Page Main Content Area (Widget Area) Home Page Sidebar (Widget Area)
Full Width Below Main Content (Widget Area)
Top Footer 1st Column (Widget Area) Top Footer 2st Column (Widget Area) Top Footer 3st Column (Widget Area) Top Footer 4st Column (Widget Area)
Middle Footer 1st Column (Widget Area) Middle Footer 2st Column (Widget Area) Middle Footer 3st Column (Widget Area) Middle Footer 4st Column (Widget Area)
Footer Info(Copyright Section)

Website Layout

Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Website Layout – Image

From this option, you can change the layout of your website. There are two layout options. Select your preferred layout for your website.

  • Website Layout – Website layout to show full width and container layout.
    • Full-Width Layout: This option will expand your website to full with.
    • Boxed Width: This option will reduce your container size so that your website looks like a box.

Background Image

Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Background Image – Image

From this option, you can change the background image of the website.  To change the background image please click on Background Image and select the image for your website.

Global Colors

Appearance >> Customize >> Additional Settings >> Social Media Icons – Section

From this option, you can change the primary, background and header text color of the website

  • Theme Color– This option allow to change website main color.  We recommend you to change this color related to logo color(But if you want to change it different from logo color than free feel to change).
  • Header Text Color – This option allow to change Site Title and Tagline color on header branding part.
  • Background Color –  This option set background to entire website background.(For Fronted Developer This color for body  tag background)

Site Identity

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Settings >> Site Identity – Section

This section is known as branding area(After Top Header Section). This  section helps us to manage website logo , Site Fav Icon, Site title and Tagline. Here are available settings with description.

  • Logo – From this option, you can change the logo of your website. Click on this logo area to insert logo for website.
  • Site Title – You can change the site title of your website from this text field. We can say this is the website name for SEO.
  • Tagline – You can change tagline of this site. Please put here website slogan or main features of your website.
  • Site Icon – Click on Select Site Icon if doesn’t exist. This icon is same like a logo which shows on browser tab icon. Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps.



Installation of our theme is quite easy and simple. You can follow two type of installation procedure. Either directly from WordPress repo panel or from uploading the theme zip file.

  1. Directly from WordPress repository:

If you want to install directly from WordPress repository, just navigate Appearance->Theme menu from your website (WordPress admin dashboard) and on Add New button then type Newspaper Lite on the search box. You will see our theme on below. Then just click on install and activate the theme. That’s it 🙂

  1. Uploading zip file ( manual installation ):

Please go to and download the theme zip file from there. Upload that zip file into your website from Appearance->Theme->Add New->Upload Theme.

Additional information: WordPress Codex – Using Themes

Getting Started

This is the NewsPaper Lite theme documentation page. We have tried our best to provide proper, simple and clear instruction. If you think it can be improved, please let us know. We will update as per your feedback too.

Please click on the left sidebar’s title to navigate the section.