Footer Bottom

Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Options >> Footer Bottom – Section

From this option, you can change the bottom footer section. Please check the following instructions.

  • Copyright Info – This option set the copyright text on footer.
  • Remove Default Footer Link – If you check this checkbox your website footer link(Theme: HamroClass by themecentury.) will removed. Pro
  • Enable color settings?: This options allow to set color to footer bottom area specific color. By  default this switch box is disabled and when we switch to enable then field will be visible. Pro
    • Enable – If you want to set color on footer main switch enable
    • Disable – If you don’t need footer main specific color please switch to disable.
  • Copyright text color?: You can override global color for the footer bottom text color from this color picker. You can set color as per your needs from here. Pro
  • Link text color?: This color picker options allow to set color link color inner footer bottom. Pro
  • Active link color?: This options help you to set hover color link tag. Pro
  • Footer background color: This options allow to set background color for footer bottom. Pro
  • Footer bottom background color?: This fields allow to set color for footer bottom background color. Pro