Header Settings

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Header Settings – Section

You can mange header related settings from here like sorting section, merging menu and width of header.

  • Sort-able Header Section – You can sort your section by drag and drop as per your requirement and also you can check to show and uncheck to hide the section on header.
  • Header Width – You can manage header width from here. Here are three options available to manage header width(Boxed, contained and full).
    • Boxed: If you choose boxed then you entire header width will be 1160px width by default.
    • Contained: If you choose contained options then you header will be full width but header elements will be visible on 1160px.
    • Full Width: If you choose full width then you header elements will be visible full width with some left and right padding.
  • Merge top and main Menu – If you enable this options then your main and top menu will be visible at the place of main menu on mobile device.