Notice Section

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Notice Section – Section

Notice section is the section which show specially  on header. This section also known as ticker section or latest news section.

  • Notice Options
    • Enable – If you checked on enable options notice will show on header section.
    • Disable – If you checked this options notice section will be hidden.
  • Notice Caption – Notice caption is the label of notice section.
  • Notice Height – Set height of notice section in number format(This number is accept as px default value is 35). Pro
  • ENABLE COLOR OPTIONS?: This options allow to set color to header notice specific color. By  default this switch box is disabled and when we switch to enable then color fields will be visible. Pro
    • Enable – If you want to set color on header notice then switch enable
    • Disable – If you don’t need header notice specific color then please switch to disable.
  • Notice caption text color: This option is help to set color to notice caption font color. Pro
  • Notice caption background color:  Change this color value to manage notice caption background color Pro
  • Notice text color: This options help you to change text color of scrolling notice. Pro
  • Notice background color: This options help you to change entire notice section background color. Pro