Top Header

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Top Header – Section

This section is shown before the branding area(Top of the website). This section helps us to manage social icon and date time. Here are some settings available with description.

  • Top Header Section – This option allow to show and hide top header.
  • Current Date– This options help you to show and hide date on  top header(If you hide top header then current date will not shown)
  • Social Icon – This options allow to show/hide social media icon(If you hide top header then social section will not shown). If you want to add or remove social icon than go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional Sections >> Social Icons. Click to go to section Social Icons
  • Sidemenu Title – Add your sidemenu title here to display on top header sidemanu area.(If you have empty Top SideMenu Area then this text will not visible.) Pro
  • Enable color settings?: This options allow to set color to top header specific color. By  default this switch box is disabled and when we switch to enable then field will be visible. Pro
    • Enable – If you want to set color on top header switch enable
    • Disable – If you don’t need top header specific color please switch to disable.
  • Top header date text color: This field set text color to the date section(if you enable date section on top header) Pro
  • Top Header Menu color: This options help you to change color of top menu color. Pro
  • Active menu color: This color options works for top header menu hover color and menu active color. Pro
  • Top header Background: This field set background color to the top header section. Pro