Banner Slider

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This section have a repeater which allows to add slide on banner slider section. You  can add multiple slide from this repeater. Here is the instructions.

  • – Please select type from post type dropdown list. If you choose change this dropdown list please publish it and refresh once before adding slide.
  • Banner Slider Items – When you clicked on Add Slide button there are multiple field will be added before Add Icon button. Just fill these form details to show slide on homepage slider.
    • Choose Post type item – Choose specific post type item from dropdown list item.
    • Description Alignment – Please choose decription alignment from dropdown list item. There are left, center and right options there.
    • Primary Button Label – Homepage slider you can add two button if needed. One is primary button and another is secondary button. If you need button on slider just set button label here.
    • Primary Button URL – If you want to add link on button just add link here.
    • Primary Button Target – Choose button target from this select box. If you choose disable then button will be hidden, if you choose Open with new tab then when you click on this button from frontend this link will be open with new tab and if you choose open with same tab then this button link will be open with same tab when you click on this button.
    • Secondary Button Label – Choose secondary button label
    • Secondary Button URL – Choose secondary button link for frontend secondary button.
    • Secondary Button Target – Choose button target same as primary button target.
  • Transition Duration – Slider have two animation. One is fading animation and another is slide animation when you click on slider prev and next button.
  • Transition Delay – If you choose automatic slide on slider and you want to add time gap between two slide then choose transition delay for slider.
  • Transition Duration – Transition duration works for slide time. It means if you choose 1 second then your slider will complete sliding after 1second from start time.
  • Enable Description – On slider if you want to enable description of your choose post type item then please check on this checkbox.
  • Enable Arrow – If you want to add prev and next arrow on slider then please check it.
  • Enable Overlay – If you want to add overlay on description then please check this is checkbox button.
  • Thumbnail Size – Please choose thumbnail size for slider.
  • Description Length – Choose description length for slider. (This length is count on character).