Site Identity

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Site Identity – Section

This section is known as the branding area(After Top Header Section). This section helps us to manage website logo , Site Fav Icon, Site title and Tagline. Here are available settings with description.

  • Logo – From this option, you can change the logo of your website. Click on this logo area to insert logo for website.
  • Site Title – You can change the site title of your website from this text field. We can say this is the website name for SEO.
  • Tagline – You can change tagline of this site. Please put here website slogan or main features of your website.
  • Social Icon – This options allow to on/off social media icon(If you on social icons  then social icons will be visible on branding section). If you want to add or remove social icon than go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional Sections >> Social Icons. Click to go to section Social Icons
  • Site Icon – Click on Select Site Icon if doesn’t exist. This icon is same like a logo which shows on browser tab icon. Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps
  • Show section on Brands area – This options have two switch box options. This options allow you to set office details or widgets section.
    • None – This options did not display anything to branding area.(Only display title and tagline)
    • Widgets– This options allow to add widget area on branding section. If you check this options then please add widget through Branding Area.
  • Branding Alignment – This options allow to manage branding left, center and right.

    • Left – If you check this options then branding alignment will be left and this is the default value.
    • Center – If you need center alignment of logo, office details or widget area then just check this as per your requirement.
    • Right – If you need right alignment of logo and left alignment of branding area then just check this as per your requirement.
  • Background Image – You can manage background image for brand section.(Which includes site title, tagline, social icon, branding area). Just add image to add background image for entire these sections.
  • Background Size: You can manage background size cover and pattern formats.
  • Enable Parallax: Check on to add parallax for background Image.