Visitor Reactions

Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Sections >> Visitor Reactions – Section

This section have a repeater which allows to add reactions on reactions section below the bottom of the page. You  can add multiple reaction icons from this repeater. Here is the instructions.

  • – Please choose no of column of services.
  • – Please choose reaction type from this drop-down. If you chose percentage then your reaction will be visible from percentage value and if you chose total value then your reactions will be visible of total no of visitor those who react on reactions icon.
  • Reaction Details – When you clicked on Add Reaction button there are two field will be added before Add Reaction button. Just fill these form details to show reaction on bottom of the page/post.
    • Reaction Icon – Choose reaction icon from visible icon.
    • Reaction Title – Please add your reaction label.(Like, Angry etc related to icon).