Main Navigation

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Main Navigation – Section

Main navigation section covered settings related main navigation of header. Here are some settings available with description.

  • Enable Sticky Menu – Enable this settings if you want to stick menu to header when you scroll Other wise you can disable Menu Sticky option.
  • Show menu sidebar – If you want to show side menu on navigation area then enable it. (when  you enable it bars icons will be visible on navigation area ). When you click on bars icon your menu sidebar will be visible.
  • Enable Random Icon – Enable this settings to add random on header navigation menu area. When you click on random icon from fronted you can redirect your random post.
  • Alignment – You can align your navigation menu via this alignment settings. You can align left, center and right.
  • Enable Search Icon – Search icon show on right side of Main Navigation Menu (if you enable it). On Fronted when you click on search icon Search form will be shown.
  • Font Style – You can make your navigation font style bold italic and underline via this setting.
  • Text Transform – You can make your navigation menu text uppercase, capitalize, lowercase and none.