Site Identity

Appearance >> Customize >> Header Options >> Site Identity – Section

This section is known as the branding area(After Top Header Section). This section helps us to manage website logo , Site Fav Icon, Site title and Tagline. Here are available settings with description.

  • Logo – From this option, you can change the logo of your website. Click on this logo area to insert logo for website.
  • Site Title – You can change the site title of your website from this text field. We can say this is the website name for SEO.
  • Tagline – You can change tagline of this site. Please put here website slogan or main features of your website.
  • Site Icon – Click on Select Site Icon if doesn’t exist. This icon is same like a logo which shows on browser tab icon. Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps.
  • Display on branding secton – This options have two switch box options. This options allow you to set office details or widgets section.
    • Office Details – This options allow to show office details. If you check this options please set value through Office Details section.
    • Widget Area– This options allow to add widget area on branding section. If you check this options then please add widget through Header Branding Area.
  • Branding Alignment – This options allow to manage branding left and center.

    • Left – If you check this options then branding alignment will be left and this is the default value.
    • Center – If you need center alignment of logo, office details or widget area then just check this as per your requirement.
  • Enable Branding – This options allow to show or hide branding section on header.

    • Enable – If you want to show branding section on header then just check on enable.( By default this value will be enable)
    • Disable – If you want to hide branding section from header then check on disable.
  • ENABLE COLOR OPTIONS – This options allow to set specific color for branding section(By default this options value will be disable). If you enable this then visible color options color override global color for branding section. Pro

    • Enable – If you want to set specific color for branding section then just enable it.(If you enable it then multiple color options will be visible below this option)
    • Disable – If you don’t want to set specific color for branding section then disable it.
  • Site title color? – You can change site title color from this color picker as per your requirement. Pro
  • Title Hover Color – This option allow to set hover color of site title. Pro
  • Site Description Text Color – If you want to change site description text color just pick color from color picker. Pro
  • Branding Background Color – This color options allow to set background color of branding section. Pro